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How our system works...

As property values went up, local municipalities raised taxes taxes by increasing property values through reassessment. When property values went down, they typically did not lower them.

We help you by determining the fair market value of your property using comparable sales to support our findings. We provide you with everything you need to challenge your property values. Please note that interpretation of state tax law varies from county to county which can make determining fair market value rather challenging.

The information we typically provide for you to send to the tax assessor is...

1.) Local property tax form

2.) A letter to the assessor explaining why the property value needs to be reduced.

3.) Any property tax computations we have made.

4.) Supporting exhibits showing comparable sales

5.) Detailed directions on where and how to send this information.



Typical processing fee: $350 (discounts available for multiple properties)

By sending us your processing fee, you agree to pay us 35% of your tax savings less $350 for the processing fee. The $350 is our minimum fee for these services and is not refundable after our services are rendered.

Commercial: Please call us for a detailed quote.

Since the county tax appraiser ultimately makes all decisions in regards to actual property values, we can not guarantee that you will receive a reduction in your property taxes. We will, however, help you to make a compelling argument that we hope will produce this result.

After we receive your deposit, we will mail you the information that you will need along with the proper completed form to dispute your current property tax values. We will also provide you with tips that will help you be successful. We will include for the tax assessor a personal letter with pertinent exhibits.

This should be what you need to challenge your property tax values.

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