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Frequently asked questions

Why should the letter for the assessors come from the owner and not American Property Consultants?

Our strategy is based on the fact that most tax assessors are very over worked. In some counties, there is over a six month back log. We believe an informed, persistent property owner will get better results than a third party. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

What is the typical savings on taxes?

There is no guarantee of any reduction but typically they vary anywhere from 5% to 50%.

What if I don't get a favorable response? Is there an appeal process?

Yes, and the information that we provide to you can help you with this as well.

How often can I challenge my accessed value?

Annually, but what information the counties will accept and from year varies from county to county.

How do you determine the property value?

We typically use comparable sales as the basis for our analysis.

Is this an appraisal?

No, we estimate fair market value only for the purpose of tax reduction. THIS IS NOT AN APPRAISAL.

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